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I have had a bad brain day today. This has meant I have listened to all of my podcasts and have none left and am thus craving new ones. Here is a list of what I currently listen to (starred ones I consider to be essential listening):

6 Music Recommends - BBC 6 Music
Analysis - BBC Radio 4
Best of Natural History Radio - BBC Radio 4
Beyond Belief - BBC Radio 4
Click On - BBC Radio 4
*Dirty Whoers - independently produced
*The Eleventh Hour Podcast - independently produced
*Dr Karl and the Naked Scientist - BBC Radio 5 live
Feedback - BBC Radio 4
File on 4 - BBC Radio 4
*Friday Night Comedy - BBC Radio 4
*Gardener's Question Time - BBC Radio 4
Gardening with Tim and Joe - BBC Radio Leeds
John Pienaar's Political Review - BBC Radio 5 Live
*Law in Action - BBC Radio 4
Material World - BBC Radio 4
*Newsjack - BBC Radio 7
Nights with Alice Cooper - some station in the US
Outriders - BBC Radio 5 live
Politics UK - BBC World Service
Science in Action - BBC World Service
Science Weekly - The Grauniad
Scotland's Funny Bits - BBC Radio Scotland
Test Match Special - BBC Radio 4
*The Pod Delusion - independently produced
*****The Wyrd Ways Rock Show - independently produced, and awesome, and you should all listen to it
Today in Parliament - BBC Radio 4
Tom Robinson Introducing - BBC 6 Music
*Weekly Political Review - BBC Radio 4

As you can see, I'm very heavy on the radio 4. A lot of the time, I hear one or other of these shows live (like Law in Action today) and don't need to listen to it on the podcast. I'd like to broaden what I listen to. I want more music stuff, more stuff with girls in, more fun and funny stuff. Rec me!

Stuff I don't want reccing:

- anything US-centric (sorry, USians, I do love you guys, but...)
- anything overly testosterone-laden
- music podcasts that don't actually have any music in them (like most of the 6 music ones)
- any more politics stuff - I think I have enough (oh yes, and the reason House of Comments isn't on there is because I still can't get the bloody thing to download to my phone)

Stuff I DO want reccing:

- stuff with Northern accents
- geekgirl stuff
- a girly rock show would be awesome
- stuff that has a sense of humour

Help me, oh f-list, you're my only hope!

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