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If you wish to contact me, your fastest method is to @reply me on twitter. I always read all my @replies, usually several times a day unless I am unavailable, and I am not precious about only replying to people I follow (although if you're a dick I won't necessarily respond ;) )

Second fastest is to leave me a blog comment on this blog. All comments are immediately emailed to me (unless they get caught in the spam trap), and I check my email several times a day - although less frequently at weekends.

Please don't send me a DM on this platform (Dreamwidth) if you want me to see it; it doesn't send me notifications by email for DMs so I will only see it when I go in to empty my DW inbox about once every six months, by which time it's usually too late for whatever it is people want to contact me about.

I don't currently have a public email address per se, but if you pass yours onto me by any of the above methods I'll email you from my regular one. I do have accounts on many many other internet services (see this post for details of the myriad other places I can be found) but none of the message functions on those are checked at any frequency, so they are very inefficient methods of getting in touch with me.

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