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If you wish to contact me, your best method is to leave me a blog comment on this blog. All comments are immediately emailed to me (unless they get caught in the spam trap), and I check my email on my mobile phone constantly when I am awake.

You can also @reply me on twitter, and although I will notice, if I'm not following you myself it will be less immediate than a blog comment.

I don't currently have a public email address, but if you pass yours onto me by any of the above methods I'll email you from my regular one. I do have accounts on many many other internet services (tumblr, spotify, linked in, blogger, last.fm, yahoo, diaspora - current major fad is Follow Me on Pinterest - etc.etc.) but none of those are checked at any frequency, so are very inefficient methods of getting in touch with me.

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Hello! I'm Jennie (known to many as SB, due to my handle, or The Yorksher Gob because of my old blog's name). This blog is my public face; click here for a list of all the other places you can find me on t'interwebs.

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Charities I support:

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