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Every frigging year, without fail, some bunch of idiots start up a campaign for us to move permanently to central european time because they want to "increase the hours of daylight". I've got news for you, bozos. The hours of daylight are constant whatever you set your clock at. If you want longer lighter evenings, why don't you get up earlier?

Seriously. I don't get why we have to bugger about wih our clocks twice a year either. Greenwich Mean Time is the standard by which everyone in the world sets their clocks. Why can't we just stick to it, and if YOU want an extra hour of daylight, start work at eight instead of nine. Why do the rest of us have to have our sleep patterns disturbed for the convenience of a bunch of over priveledged office workers?

And don't give me that shit about farmers and cows. Cows can't tell the time.

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