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On this weekend, when we're all still hurting and nursing our wounds, on this weekend you choose to run a piece by the slimy moustache-twirling villain of the Tory blogosphere telling us exactly what he thinks we should do?

On a weekend when we have been told by the electorate exactly how toxic agreeing too much with the Tories is, you run a piece which has the tone of fatherly advice to errant children from one of the most underhanded Tories going?


Right at this moment in time we need to be seen taking advice from tribal Tories like we need a hole in our collective heads. The electorate have told us what they think of this road. Please don't persist in dragging us down it. Please. I know you're a big famous website and I'm only a little solo blogger, and you think you know better than me, but do try to think what message this sort of post sends out to the voters. Please.

ETA: oh Gods it gets worse. Apparently: "Iain Dale is saying on twitter he wrote it for the Mail & is slightly bemused (amused?) by it turning up on LDV!" So it's not just a poisonous article, it's a poisonous article originally written for the Daily Fail???

* headdesk headdesk headdesk headdesk *
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