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pseudomonas ([personal profile] pseudomonas) wrote in [personal profile] miss_s_b 2011-05-11 10:48 am (UTC)

This is possibly feeding the troll (if not, forgive me, it's hard to tell from the comment above), and obviously I don't speak for [personal profile] miss_s_b, but I'll speak for myself.

I support the Lib Dems primarily because of the principles that the party stands for, because I'm a liberal by conviction and the Liberal Democrats are still the best (not perfect, but the best around at the moment) party to champion civil liberties and the rights of the individual, a pro-European outlook, and a commitment to balance support for the vulnerable with a wariness of overreaching state (or corporate!) power.

I also support them because it's a party that is ultimately defined by the membership, not the leadership, where it's coherent to say that I support the party even if (as per this entire post) Nick Clegg has lost the plot on some matters and even if the members of the party in cabinet have been naïve and allowed themselves to be manipulated by the Conservatives.

I'd add that my (Lib Dem) MP is a good campaigner on the issues I see as important and a person of integrity (who voted against the changes to the tuition fee regime, incidentally). What would be gained by my campaigning against him and in favour of a less liberal party?

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