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  • Voted lots, mostly against the establishment, sometimes on the winning side (once by just one vote)

  • Tweeted LOTS (you can follow me on twitter here, if you like, and want to get spammed next conference)

  • Got interviewed by Sky News, Winkball, and the Egregious Tory Tosser for LBC; and was seen on the telly lots voting, listening to debates and generally milling around conference.

  • Asked Cleggy a question in his Q&A session

  • Met lots of old friends and some new ones, including Daddies Richard & Alex, the lovely Caron, AC McGregor, The Delga LGBT+ Lib Dems massive, Helen Duffett, Gareth Epps, Linda Jack, Maelo Manning, and many more.

  • Failed to win a Botty. Although to be fair, the person who DID win the category I was up for was the person I would have given my award to had I won anyway.

  • Got mildly miffed that all the Botty winners were pale and male, and mostly pretty establishment - two MPs!

  • Exchanged pleasantries with MPs and exMPs including the awesome Lynne Featherstone and Huppmeister J, Greg Mullholland, Lembit, and President Farron.

  • Got increasingly annoyed at Transport West Midlands and their awful bus service which made me long for dear old First West Yorkshire (and I never thought I'd say THAT)

  • Et lots of baguettes at Eat4Less

  • Had to leave Glee Club stupidly early because of the afore-mentioned Transport West Midlands and their daft attitude to bus times

  • Plotted with several people to stand for FCC/FPC/FE in next year's elections under the banner of Liberate Conference, and threw my hat into the ring for the exec of Delga LGBT+ Lib Dems too

  • Spent the last day ill on the sofa, getting increasingly wound-up by the beeb's coverage of conference, having an argument with President Farron about Kendall Mint Cake (which he seems to be on the winning side of :( ) and ended it by swearing at Andrew Neil on twitter

All in all, as usual for Conference, there were ups and there were downs, but mostly it was up and I really enjoyed it. It was great to see the family again, and to have discussions and to disagree without falling out. It was great to see Daddy Richard make his first ever conference speech, and it was bloody fabulous that Lynne Featherstone announced Equal Marriage as ACTUAL GOVERNMENT POLICY! Roll on Spring, and Newcastle.
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