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... it's mostly bored resignation that in the midst of mouthing off about diversity, Clegg promotes two white middle class middle aged cisgendered het men, rather than one of the vastly more capable women he has available to him. I can't bring myself to be angry about it, like Caron is. I just don't have the energy any more. My irony meter went sproing a long time ago. It's like the fact that while the Welfare Reform Bill was going through Cameron was hosting a party for Children in Need. Because there's going to be so many more of them, now they've forced the Welfare Reform BIll through.

Of course, the fact that it's Ed Davey who has been promoted to Huhne's job is, as the fabulous Epps points out, just the polish on the turd.

The stench of hypocrisy adhering to the leadership of my party is really getting pungent now. I didn't get into politics to make the disabled suffer for no good reason, or to cause people weaker than me pain just because I could, and I didn't do it to pay lipservice to diversity while all the time maintaining the status quo either. If I wanted to do that I'd have become a member of the Cornerstone Group of the Tories.

I didn't do that. I joined the Lib Dems. And increasingly, these days, I'm wondering why I bothered. I keep coming back to this one thing: what's the point of a democratic conference if the parliamentarians just ignore it? I'd like to hear a convincing answer to that.
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