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First the French and the Italians played a boring match. Then the English fluked a win over Scotland. Then the Welsh cheated their way to a narrow win over Ireland.

This week, England fluked a win over Italy, then the French chickened out of playing Ireland even though it was only minus ten centigrade, then the Welsh cheated their way to an entirely undeserved win over Scotland.

If I were a member of the governing board of the RFU, I would be training referrees in the following:
  • spotting and stamping on minor rule infractions every time they happen, especially when a team does them consistently and ruthlessly, like the Welsh do (examples: going over the top EVERY BLOODY TACKLE, not even attempting straight put-ins, sledging then playing the innocent when the opposition rise to it, etc. etc. etc.)

  • ENFORCE STRAIGHT PUT-INS EVERY BLOODY TIME - there's no point in having a set-piece as dangerous as a scrum if it's guaranteed that the team with the put-in will win.

  • use video replays to check whether a try should be disallowed or not - the Welsh clearly had one allowed that shouldn't have been last week, and the Scots scored a belter today which was disallowed on the grounds of knock-on when the video clearly showed it not to be so

  • Use video replays to see who was at fault in a potential sending-off situation - for instance if a player has elbowed another player in the face, and the elbowee grabs at the elbower's shorts on the way down to steady himself, the elbowee has not necessarily commited a professional foul requiring ten minutes in the sin bin

Still, YAY lots of men with nice bottoms bending over for my enjoyment. I particularly enjoyed the performance of the Scottish #22 today, who is not pretty, but played some bloody stunning rugger.

In other news, I have been off work sick today. Literally, sick. Lots of it. I dsiapprove of my stomach's inability to keep food down :(

Date: Tuesday, February 14th, 2012 06:40 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] daweaver
It struck me that rugby would benefit from making all decisions reviewable by the television umpires. That disallowed try for Scotland against Wales would be a prime case for such a review.

More radical would be allowing the team manager to force a review. It's a rule they use to good effect in NCAA and NFL gridiron, and in tennis, and in cricket.

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