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- I've loved the "What if...?"s in recent issues, especially the Anderson one, and am sad they've been replaced by Flesh, which I've always found a bit dull.
- Dredd is coming along quite nicely; I like the characters in the current storyline, especially Beeny, but they seem to be dragging it out a fair bit.
- I am really LOVING Age of the Wolf and its kick-ass female lead, and gender-balanced cast in both protagonists and antagonists - Granny is fabulous.
- Nicolai Dante appears to be what he was when first introduced: an excuse for issue-length fight scenes and swearing in Russian. And I'm sore that they brought back the awesome Mamma Dante only to kill her off. Seriously, there must be SOME more mileage in a pissed-off middle-aged pirate Queen? Didja HAVE to kill her off that quickly? Of course you did, because women in Nicolai Dante only exist to further the stories of the men. It's SUCH a male-gaze story *sigh*
- Grey Area is interesting in terms of what they're doing with the arc, although they overused the "bitch=beach" joke in the recent story (to say nothing of the gratuitous nudity). Again, I like the female lead, and there's some interesting depths to some of her collegues too.
- The thing I look for first, though? Every week? "Is there a Droid Life strip this week?" I love Droid Life. The one with the educational pizza had me howling with laughter. MOAR DROID LIFE PLEASE, THARG!

- Ben Willsher's Dredd is clear and crisp and attractive, with possibly a slight tendency towards pneumatic tits, and Annie P is still the best letterer in the business (and I say this as an amateur calligrapher).
- Jon Davis-Hunt's art for Age of the Wolf is utterly stunning; brilliant use of light and shadow, each character is a recognisably different person and none is a trope, and his archery stances are actually proper stances. But more than anything, his art is so beautiful and so immediate that it drew Holly into reading the strip over my shoulder. Possibly she's a bit young for it, yet, but... Anyway, the wraparound cover for prog 1772 was really, REALLY beautiful. I'd happily have it as a picture on my wall beautiful. So, yes, Jon D-H doing a good job.
- James McKay's art for Flesh has a problem I often find with black and white art: very stark, no grey, just black or white... There's no depth. I can't tell where the creature ends and the tree in the background thirty yards behind it begins. I really have to concentrate to find the edges of each element, and that's very tiring to read. Its a shame because I can see his creatures are really well done when I DO screw my eyes up and concentrate.
- Lee Carter, who's doing Grey Area, can't draw women. Anatomically, facially, still or in motion, none of it. He just can't do it. This is especially galling when for two of the most recent three issues he's been required to put a naked one in nearly every panel (there WAS a storyline reason for this, but... yeah. Don't get me started on how breasts just do not work like that. Not even silicone ones). His men are competent, though, and his scenery is gorgeous.
- I have really liked Simon Fraser's art in Nicolai Dante of late... Right up until the most recent issue, in which John Burns took over, and appears to have gone for the Old Ladybird Fairytale Book style, which doesn't really fit with the sci-finess of the story.

Things to look forward to:
- Durham Red!
- Anderson PSI!
- Durham Red!
- Hondo City judges with giant spiderymutie things!
- Did I mention Durham Red?

The galaxy's greatest comic is pretty good at the moment, and is giving me plenty to look forawrd to. Given that the price for the whole damn thing is roughly equivalent to what we pay in the UK for a single issue of a DC comic (which would have one storyline in it, and is on paper half the size, and has less pages) I think it's bloody good value for money too. I reckon I shall be numbered among the Squaxx dek Thargo for quite some time to come.

(see, this entry is dull, isn't it? I told you British comics don't make me rant like American ones do. Ah well, just got a parcel from Reed today, so may be back in a bit after reading the USian stuff... ;))

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