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The Blood is The Life 16-03-2012

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The more I read and hear from my friends about the current state of Job Centres and Workfare, the more I feel like history is repeating itself.

My Dad lost his job as an Electronic and Electrical Engineer with British Steel in 1989. He spent almost two years out of work, desperately applying for anything he could find, reporting stories of how the Job Centre and other 'employment providers' would bully, intimidate and look down upon the very people they were supposed to be helping.

A friend of mine with a first-class honours degree in English Literature and Philosophy cannot get a job. She suffers from neurological problems that cause crippling migraines, but she is still incredibly pleasant and clever with a degree under her belt... and she is telling me the exact same stories I heard fro my dad back in 89/90.

We never learn.
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I'v been on a funded training course for a year. The year is now up and I'm one of the unemployed again.

I'm really worried I'm going to be shoved into one of these stupid "back to work" programs. The training I did was to be a Biology curator. There are no jobs in this field out there at the moment, and I'm trying my best to find things that SOMEWHAT fit the skills I've gained.

I'm really starting to resent the feeling from the government that me trying to get ahead in a career I worked hard for, instead of stacking shelves like I did when I was 21 makes me an elitist or a snob.