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My sleep patterns are all to cock again, so I was having a scout about on twitter. I saw a very brave post by James, with the hashtag #queerchat and clicked on the tag. Now, #queerchat is normally what it says, queer chat, generally with a specified topic. Today's specified topic was initially education, apparently, but it very quickly turned into a huge, worldide litany of the horrors that non-cis-het people go through at school, often not just bullying from other students but from teachers too. My reactions have been many
  • Rage, horror and deep sorrow at what people went through in the past, and more so at what people are still going through now

  • frustration that there are still people who think that educating children about diversity is pointless, despite the fact that NOT teaching children about diversity results in bullying, pain, fear and occasionally suicide among vulnerable children; yet hope that these strident voices seem to be very much in the minority these days

  • I was really lucky to only get bullied a bit for being Tomboyish, with the odd lazy imputation of lesbianism being the only real "suffering" I went through.

  • I shouldn't have to feel lucky about that

  • much love for the bravery and fortitude of so many of the people who posted.

  • A fervent wish that people could just except that not everybody conforms to a percieved norm, and THAT'S A GOOD THING and we could all learn much from talking civilly to each other rather than flinging poo at people who don't conform. Fear of non-"normal" people is ugly and depressing.

  • I want to promote It Gets Better strenuously in schools. Because then it might get better quicker...
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