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The Toxic Avenger

Sadly this was the theatrical cut, so all the really schlocky bits had been cut :( It was everything I expected it to be, but would have benefited from having the eight minutes that were cut restored.

Hammer Make-up Archive Tour

The museum holds huge amounts of material from Phil Leakey and Roy Ashton's collections of memorabilia from decades of work at Hammer studios; some of it had been put on display for us to have a nosey at, including Christopher Lee's teeth (from a performance as Dracula) and Tom Baker's mask (I think from Vault of Horror). Even more excitingly, though, apparently the museum lets you have a look at some of the other stuff they have if you book in advance and get a curator to guard you while they show you it, so I think that'll be something we'll be doing at some point in the future.

Captain Clegg

Fabulous performance from Cushing (as usual) and the lovely Michael Ripper. The audience was, to my knowledge, somewhat Lib Dem Heavy... Penny and I were discussing it's applicability to current Cleggs afterwards, and wondering who might be the incomprehensible guy who murders Our Glorious Leader. Prescott, possibly, or Pickles...


This is one I hadn't seen before. It was an enjoyable slice of eighties hokum, and Grace Jones is stunning in it. The comedy bits weren't too over the top, and the horror was fun and bright in that peculiarly eighties way. Also, the vampires had very impractical eighties teeth; it's a weird thing, vampire teeth have trends LOL. I kind of liked it, but I wouldn't say I loved it. Perhaps if I had seen it at the right age...


... was clearly written by someone on some serious drugs. I had seen it before, but [personal profile] magister hadn't, and it was lots of fun watching his reactions. The atmosphere in the audience was jovial and there was much giggling. And then we went for food before...

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Which I had never seen on the big screen before. I wish there had been more people in there. There were a couple of people gamely shouting all the right responses, and a few more of us singing along, but I'd have liked it rowdier. Props to the girl who dressed up as Columbia, and thanks to [personal profile] magister for helping me into me corset and [personal profile] matgb for fetching it in to the museum for me.

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