Tuesday, August 14th, 2012 05:21 pm
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Just went to see Brave with Holly. It's not perfect - no film ever is - but by Cthulhu it's good. Despite the plot revolving round the relationship between a mother and daughter (which really should NOT be remarkable, but it is) the cast is still majority male, and the story revolves around patriarchal structures. And the short before it is an entirely male affair too. For a film which many have been saying is Hollywood hearing feminist concerns... Well, it's a step in the right direction, but there's still a long way to go.

All that said, though? I really loved it. And Holly loved it too. And there was humour and pathos and character growth and great relationships. The relationship between Merida and her mum and dad reminded me very much of my own family dynamic as a child. Julie Walters' scatty witch is awesome, and Billy Connolly is a fabulous warrior king.

Go see this film if:
  • You are a parent with a child because it's a beautiful examination of parent-child relationships

  • You appreciate beautiful animation and art - the depictions of the Scottish landscape, while clearly fantasy Scotland, are stunning

  • You're sick of movies that think they can be grown up by putting in more sex and swearing, and want ACTUAL grown up examination of deep emotions

  • You appreciate massive attention to detail - the archery scenes in particular are very well done

  • You want to encourage Hollywood to make more films with female leads
Don't go see this film if:
  • You can't cope without lots of explosions because there's only one

  • You can't cope without boys being the centre of attention ALL THE TIME
Brave is by no means the feminist cinematic masterpiece which many have been hoping for, but it's by no means more of the same either. I'd give it a good solid 9/10.
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