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One of the joys of our local cinema being in Bradford is that as well as the usual English Language flicks, one also has a wide variety of Bollywood to choose from. So today, we went to see Ek Tha Tiger. It's a spy action thriller romcom musical (Bollywood doesn't really do single genre films) set in India, Iraq, Turkey, Cuba and Dublin. And it was bloody fantastic.

The plot was convoluted but fun, the cinematography was stunning, the fight choreography was amazingly creative, and the sets and costumes were beautiful. If you go and see it (and I recommend that you do) watch out for the Indo-Irish dance routine, the slowmo closeup eyebrow action in the fights, and the hero getting shot in the arse at a crucial moment.

Doesn't pass Bechdel, but does have an arse-kicking, rooftop running, parkour champion of a female lead, who is DEFINITELY her own woman. The hero's neighbours are not all stunningly beautiful starlets, either. There's some old people and some fat people and... nobody comments on this. It's normal.

((I'd also at this point like to say something about the trailers we saw before the film. One was for a romcom starring two fat people in their forties. There was no fat shaming in the trailer, and the cast looked pretty gender balanced. One was for a film about a Bollywood starlet, written by a woman and directed by a woman, and passed Bechdel in the trailer. And one was for a drama about a deaf guy, which appeared to be entirely in sign language.

Why can't we have this level of diversity and interest in mainstream English language films?))

Anyway, Go see this film if:
  • You're tired of conventional Hollywood fare and want to watch something that has bags of originality and creativity.
  • You like a plot that twists and turns
  • You like action movies. Seriously, you'll have to sit through bits of romance and a few dance routines, but it's totally worth it for the fight scenes, which are stunning.

Don't go see this film if:
  • You can't cope with the rapid and random swinging between genres (and, indeed, languages) which comes with this film
  • You haven't got the attention span for a lot of plot twists
  • You're a joyless, soulless husk

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