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Date: Tuesday, October 16th, 2012 05:21 am (UTC)
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That NHS thing?
1) Legitimacy – the bill no one voted for

In the run up to the 2010 general election, David Cameron frequently pledged that under a Conservative government there would be “no more top-down re-organisations” of the NHS.
Note, no citation there, he only actually said that once.

Now, Page 45 through 47 of the Tory 2010 manifesto includes such things as
We have a reform plan to make the changes
the NH S needs. We will decentralise power, so
that patients have a real choice.
We need to allow patients
to choose the best care available, giving
healthcare providers the incentives they need to
drive up quality.
So we will give every patient the power to
choose any healthcare provider that meets NH S
standards, within NH S prices. This includes
independent, voluntary and community sector
We will strengthen the power of GPs as
patients’ expert guides through the health
system by:
• giving them the power to hold patients’
budgets and commission care on their behalf;
• linking their pay to the quality of their
results; and,
• putting them in charge of commissioning
local health services.
Centrepeice of the manifesto. Couldn't be clearer. That article starts with a lie, and then builds on it, therefore I gave up.

Saying "I dsagree wtih this" is fine, we campaigned against it after all, but saying "no one voted for it" is a blatent lie.

The Big Lie is beginning to spring to mind about this one.

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