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I really like The Naked Scientists. It's an independently produced show that's syndicated by the BBC to the East of England region, and bits of it get put on radio Scotland and 5Live. 5Live podcast it (packaged with the execrable Dr Karl, but you can't have everything) and generally it seems to have been a happy-making show, particularly in the East of England, which contains Cambridge, where the show is produced. Cambridge has the highest concentration of scientists anywhere outside the US.

The BBC have decided to axe The Naked Scientists because the content it produces "isn't local enough". Because why would the highest concentration of scientists outside the US want to listen to a science show? That's just silly!

* headdesk headdesk headdesk *

IN THE SACRED NAME OF LORD REITH WHAT ARE YOU THINKING, BBC????!! The programme is educational, informative and entertaining, it clearly fulfills the remit of local radio by being of interest to the local area the show is broadcast in, and it has a wide appeal beyond that remit as well. Axing the show is an exercise in purest stupidity.

Anyway, obviously this decision has prompted a campaign to save the show, involving a co-ordinated write-to-feedback campaign, and involving one of my favourite MPs. Personally, I'd rather see the show promoted to Radio4/4Extra/5Live/World Service, rather than continuing to be ghettoised to bloody southerners who clearly don't appreciate it enough*, but I'd rather it gets saved than cancelled.

If you have any interest in science or science education, this is a bloody good (and bloody rare) radio show, and deserves saving in some form, even if we can't save it in its current form. So please do your bit, dear readers. Write to feedback, and make your feelings known.

(If you want to know what all the fuss is about, the rss feed for the podcast is here.)

*YAY Northern Monkey humour ;)

Date: Thursday, November 15th, 2012 09:53 am (UTC)
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Living in Somerset, I only heard about this on Feedback and it sounds brilliant. I hope the campaign results in someone picking it up and broadcasting it nationwide. I'd rather have it on radio4 over dinner than "Saving Species", which, although a good thing to be doing, is about counting things and seeing how many have died every single week.

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