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Bullshit, say I! Look at this email I just got:
Similar to John Stuart Mill:

Stephen Tall
Stephen Tall @stephentall
Co-Editor @LibDemVoice, Research Associate @CentreForum, Development...
Followed by Darren Bridgman and 70 others.

Phil Reilly
Phil Reilly @phil_reilly
Deputy Head of Media for @libdems. Editor-in-chief @AdLibMag. Former...
Followed by Dinti Batstone and 48 others.

CentreForum @CentreForum
CentreForum is an independent, liberal think tank. Find us at...
Followed by Tom Brake MP and 27 others.

John Kampfner
John Kampfner @johnkampfner
Author, broadcaster, commentator; adviser on free expression and culture...
Followed by Ali Goldsworthy and 21 others.

Sarah Yong
Sarah Yong @srhyong
Lib Dem Somerset lass!
Followed by Tom Brake MP and 19 others.
Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but none of those are awesome Victorian MPs/philosophers, two of them are people I follow anyway, and one of them isn't even a person.

ETA: and as I've just been reminded by Nissemus, I suspect none of them have been particularly ill after drinking half a pint of shandy.
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