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Find me Elsewhere (updated 8th April 2017)

This is a list of other places I have accounts on the interwebs, in rough order of the amount of time I devote to them:


Other places where vestigial and/or barely updated accounts remain include AO3, Pinterest, Linked In, Posterous, Flickr, Last.fm, Flattr, YouTube, Formspring, Foursuare, Google Plus, and three Tumblr accounts: audio blog, Time Flies web comic, Magical Roxy's fortune telling.
I do not have a Facebook account any more. Anyone you see on Facebook pretending to be me is not me. I do have an account on Pinboard, but solely for the purpose of making "the blood is the life" linkspam posts on here, and I never look at other people's accounts on there. I also have various parody or utility Twitter accounts - although Lib Dem Friends of Gin is not me, to my chagrin.