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(a list of the questions and links to all the answers can be found on this entry)

Season 22.

Oh, you want more than that? OK, well, season 22 includes Attack of the Cybermen (Colin's mighty organ and Colin's shiny helmet, plus The Fat Controller), Vengeance on Varos (Proper Scifi with some really prescient stuff about reality television), The Mark of the Rani (in which Peri the botanist actually gets to use her botanical knowledge, Colin is well-hung, and Colin gets to fanboy George Stephenson), The Two Doctors (bums galore, Jacks Pearce, and Two and Jamie), Timeslash (OK, admittedly Timeslash is crap, but it does have Paul Darrow's Richard III impression and a really rather good monster), and Revelation of the Daleks (which is just bloody awesome).

Season 22 is a fine mixture of old and new - lots of continuity references and yet a fixed chameleon circuit. Daleks, Sontarans and cybermen and yet Sil and Androgums. It has the glass dalek scene, which is seared into my brain from childhood. It has Six/Davros. It has militant vegetarianism.

I suspect I am probably the only person who has picked season 22 for this meme, but I don't care.
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