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(a list of the questions and links to all the answers can be found on this entry )

This evening's post is somewhat delayed because I have been recording a podcast. No, not the long awaited episode of Baggage Man where we discuss the Horns of Nimon and solve the UNIT dating controversy. Sorry. I thought I'd ease myself back into things by being a guest on someone else's podcast. We had lots of fun recording, and best of all I don't have to do the editing! I shall provide links to the finished product when it appears - it should definitely be of interest to you classic who folks out there.

Anyway, most annoying character. This is going to be hard. I mean, do I go for a companion, a villain, a one off character or a recurring one; maybe even an incarnation of the doctor himself *coughcoughtennant*?

The thing is that all the characters who annoy me, personally, do have redeeming features. I feel it would be unfair to pick on any one of them. The slitheen are mostly bloody annoying, for example, but I have a real soft spot for Margaret. Peter Kay's performance as the absorbaloff really wound me up, but the character was designed by a little kid who did a reasonably good job. Dodo Chaplet is just pointless but she's not actively harmful. etc etc etc.

I think if I'm going to single out any one character it will have to be Rose Tyler. Because I loved her so much with 9. I really did. And then she turned into the sort of person I want to slap. And that really IS annoying. Travelling with the doctor should make you into a better person than you started out as, not a worse one, and for pretty much every other character who travels with him this is what happens (unless they get mind wiped like Jamie/Zoe/Donna). So yes, with some measure of regret I shall pick Rose.
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