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Solo Blog: Life Less Ordinary by Stephadoo - especially worth reading is her Guide to the ladies of classic who.

Group Blog: Brian May in Places - Hilarious photoshopping of my favourite curly-haired old hippy* guitarist.

Twitterer: DM Reporter. Spoof Daily Mail journalist. Hilarious and sharp.

Podcast: Mitch Benn music podcast, this week featuring EXXCITING COMIC RELIEF NEWS!

Pinterest Board: Cosmos: the Universe. Amazing photos of stars and galaxies from a huge group of people.

Radio Show: The Film Programme. Beats any film programme on the TV by a country mile, and better than Kermode and Mayo by dint of not having the incredibly irritating Simon Mayo in it. Presented by the incomparable, analytically sound and understatedly witty Francine Stock.

TV series: Bones, sadly not on terrestrial, but available on netflix/lovefilm/etc. The most recent series is just as awesome as the foregoing ones so far :)

* this is not me being rude, it's how he refers to himself
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