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Solo Blog: Disturbing the Universe by Dave Clements. A heady mixture of scifi and actual science. Fun and interesting.

Group Blog: Geek Feminism. A nice mix of articles and a regular (not quite as regular as mine) linkspam.

Twitterer: West Yorkshire Police Dog Unit. A nice mix of safety advice, wit, and pictures of cute doggies.

Podcast: Sherlock Holmes Adventures. Interesting old radio shows from the previous century with Nigel Bruce, now in podcast form. Some Doyle originals and some "new" adventures. And adverts for KREML HAIR TONIC. THAT'S K-R-E-M-L.

Pinterest Board: Icons by Kiddý Ámundadóttir. Kiddy has broad-ranging tastes, but the pictures she posts to this board are always interesting whether you're a fan of the person or not.

Radio Show: Earthsearch. Classic radio scifi which you can just catch on iPlayer if you're quick. Lots of fun.

TV series: Elementary. Beats the shit out of Sherlock. Sorry Moffat/Gatiss, but it does. Lucy Liu's Watson is bloody awesome.
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