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All you people posting stuff to the UKIP freepost address to cost them money? You do realise you're actually costing the Royal Mail money, right? There's this little thing called "abuse of freepost". If you're not aware of it you can be damn sure the Kippers are. If you post them anything larger than large letter size the Royal Mail won't even try to deliver it because large letter is the maximum size for standard freepost*. So bricks might be a problem. And if you post them stuff they don't want they can refuse to pay for it under abuse of freepost.

Now, if you've posted something saying it's from YOU it's entirely possible the Royal Mail could take YOU to small claims to recover the cost, but it's probably not worth their while in legal fees to do so. So it's almost certainly not going to cost you, personally, anything. But the Royal Mail are going to suffer financial losses from this. Me personally, I don't think that makes the political point you were wishing to make.

Just so you know.

ETA: there are people on twitter contending that - like when these campaigns have happened previously - UKIP might just give in and close down their freepost address and that will be a victory. So, if UKIP close down their freepost address, what happens? The Royal Mail get to store warehouses full of undeliverable mail (which costs them money), and people have to pay to contact UKIP (which costs THEM money) and UKIP no longer have a freepost bill to pay (so they are paying LESS money) and will no longer have to sort through mail they didn't want to recieve anyway (so their admin costs will be lower). Pls to be explaining to me how this is a victory against UKIP?

Here's an idea: if you want to defeat UKIP, vote for someone else, and encourage other people to do likewise. If enough people don't vote for them they lose deposits, in the Euros if not the council elections, and that's WAY better than possibly potentially costing them 42p and a bit of annoyance, right?

* OfC you can have enhanced freepost which takes larger items, but no poilitcal party is going to pay for that just to get surveys back
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