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Of the several on the list, two were acceptable (It's a Wonderful Life and The Muppet Christmas Carol); several were schmaltzy bollocks (e.g. Miracle on 34th St) and one is the most offensive misogynist pile of bollocks that ever bore the name of Christmas Movie, even if it DOES have Alan Rickman in it (Love Actually).

So here's a PROPER Christmas movie poll.

Film one also has Alan Rickman in it, but unlike Stalking and Deceit Love Actually he doesn't break Emma Thompson's heart in it. He does dance to Ode to Joy though :) It's also got the fantastic Coke Can shot.
Film two has cousin Di in it, and has Louis Armstrong on the soundtrack.
Film three has Joan Collins being killed by a murderous Santa and Peter Cushing's heartbreaking performance as Zombie Mr Grimsdyke (those of you who haven't seen the film are laughing; those of you who have are nodding sagely with a tear in your eye)

Vote, my pretties!

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Which is the Best Christmas Movie?

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Die Hard
6 (42.9%)

On Her Majesty's Secret Service
2 (14.3%)

Tales From The Crypt
1 (7.1%)

I have no soul and wish to choose something else
5 (35.7%)

Ticky box?

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Ticky Box.
7 (100.0%)

Twitter votes:
Die Hard 1
TftC 0
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