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In the parliamentary election:

1, Alisdair Calder McGregor, Liberal Democrats
2, Joe Stead, World Peace Through Song
3, Jenny Shepherd, Green
4, Rod Sutcliffe, Yorkshire First
5, RON
6, Josh Fenton-Glynn, Labour
7, Craig Whittaker, Conservative
8, Paul Rogan, UKIP

If there were a pirate or a loony they'd go in at #2 and renumber the rest accordingly.

In the council election:

1, Jennie Rigg, Liberal Democrats*
2, RON
3, Green candidate who doesn't live in - or even near - the ward
4, TUSC person I've never heard of
5, Nick Yates, who is flying under a UKIP flag of convenience at the moment but is actually a reasonable chap, and only got put THIS low down because of the UKIP flag of convenience.
6, Sitting Tory councillor who thinks it's funny to keep using a photo of my mum on his leaflets
7, Labour tribalist who is so aggressive and vituperative on twitter that I blocked him well over a year ago.

One thing which occurs, which hopefully someone more well versed than me will be able to answer: how would a deposit system for candidates work under STV? Would you have to get a certain percentage of first preferences? Or would it go on overall position?

* it took a LOT of thinking about to decide that one ;) Seriously, though, I do think it's a bit weird that you can vote for yourself, although I totally will be doing - just with a cross, sadly, not a 1.

From Andrew (DW's openID still borked)

Date: Monday, April 27th, 2015 09:56 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
For me:

1) Dave Page, Liberal Democrat (pretty much the best possible candidate. Proper liberal, good on the specific issues I care about, and the hardest-working campaigner I know)
2) Laura Alice Bannister, Green (had her against me on Wednesday at a hustings about the NHS. She seems good on knowing what the problems are, not so good on the solutions)
3) Christian Chesha, Pirate (Don't know the candidate, but the Pirates aren't completely bloody stupid)
4) RON
5) Gerald Kaufman, Labour (Don't like the man's politics, think he's been a terrible constituency MP, but prefer him to anyone below)
6) Simon Paul Hickman, TUSC (polite, for a Trot)
7) Mohammed Afzal, Conservative
8) Kipper

And for the local
1) Andrew Hickey, Liberal Democrat
2) RON
3) Green whose first words at hustings were "I am what is known as a paper candidate". He'd only been in politics six months and doesn't know that you don't say that.
4) Labour bloke who's not as vile as his council colleague who sat in the audience and screamed at me (and who mostly screamed lies), but who also didn't do anything to stop her.
5) TUSC bloke who caused a scene at the polling station last year
6) Tory who didn't bother to turn up to the hustings at all
7) Kipper whose answer to "How will you deal with the problem of littering?" was "close the borders and introduce an Australian-style points system".

Date: Monday, April 27th, 2015 11:04 am (UTC)
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We have STV here (in the upper house) and they count the election funding on first preference votes only.

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