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In the parliamentary election:

1, Alisdair Calder McGregor, Liberal Democrats
2, Joe Stead, World Peace Through Song
3, Jenny Shepherd, Green
4, Rod Sutcliffe, Yorkshire First
5, RON
6, Josh Fenton-Glynn, Labour
7, Craig Whittaker, Conservative
8, Paul Rogan, UKIP

If there were a pirate or a loony they'd go in at #2 and renumber the rest accordingly.

In the council election:

1, Jennie Rigg, Liberal Democrats*
2, RON
3, Green candidate who doesn't live in - or even near - the ward
4, TUSC person I've never heard of
5, Nick Yates, who is flying under a UKIP flag of convenience at the moment but is actually a reasonable chap, and only got put THIS low down because of the UKIP flag of convenience.
6, Sitting Tory councillor who thinks it's funny to keep using a photo of my mum on his leaflets
7, Labour tribalist who is so aggressive and vituperative on twitter that I blocked him well over a year ago.

One thing which occurs, which hopefully someone more well versed than me will be able to answer: how would a deposit system for candidates work under STV? Would you have to get a certain percentage of first preferences? Or would it go on overall position?

* it took a LOT of thinking about to decide that one ;) Seriously, though, I do think it's a bit weird that you can vote for yourself, although I totally will be doing - just with a cross, sadly, not a 1.
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