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You might have noticed of late that my linkspam posts are much sparser. There's a bunch of reasons for this, and they all boil down to the services I use.

99% of the link posting I do is on Twitter. I share links and RT links a LOT. Twitter is very much an in-the-moment service, so I don't feel spammy for doing this.

In order to get the automated links posts, I use pinboard, which scrapes twitter (and can also scrape a bunch of other services I don;t use), and then feed it through [personal profile] andrewducker's clever Daily Link Post Automater which magically makes me a blog post.

The problem is pinboard picks up everything from twitter which remotely looks linkish - so every tweet that has a picture in, every quote tweet, etc. This means that either I have to do a lot of manual editing of pinboard to prevent ENORMOUS linkspam posts containing little of interest to anybody (you'll have seen a few of those on days when I didn't wake up in time to do the manual editing), or (as is currently the case) I just don't let it pick up from twitter - so any links which I want to get fed through to my blog I have to add to pinboard manually. This isn't SO bad, because it means I think about it more, and am only genuinely adding interesting stuff, but it also means a lot of the time I can't be arsed.

THEN we have my stuff, which I produce in various places, and it would be nice to have in the links posts.
Instagram, Goodreads, and this blog get their URLs collected by dlvr.it and posted to twitter. It'd be nice if that could get put into pinboard - and it was, when pinboard was collecting from twitter, but that's not happening now.

Pinboard, of course, does not and will not collect from dlvr.it, and Andrew's daily post thing doesn't either.
I used to use Delicious, which did lots of the things that pinboard doesn't, but they started putting advertising links into users' feeds, which was a redline for me.

Goodreads will autopost to Wordpress and blogger, but not to DW.

So, you know, IN THEORY I've got the possibility of a great setup. In theory. In practise, however...
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