Date: Wednesday, April 19th, 2017 12:28 pm (UTC)
vampwillow: my eyes go red when I'm angry (anger)
From: [personal profile] vampwillow
Mayhem has said she supports the iffy MPs restanding (whether they actually do so we're yet to see) but I think you're right that that is the real reason for the unseemly haste. In any rational calculation one would wait until after the locals are over.

I note that just now she is again saying that it is about "improving the Government's hand in the Brexit negotiations" as though it mattered. Every country around the world when it negotiates or discusses things between nations *automatically* has the 'strength' of the entire nation behind it; the parochial matter of the number of MPs is and forever will be utterly irrelevant...

I'm just losing it at the moment as I have absolutely zero understanding of why anyone would support her or the Tories. Can't they see how destructive she'd been??????
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