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Comment below with your seat predictions for the general election, in the following format, where x is your prediction:
Alliance 0 > x
Conservative 330 > x
DUP 8 > x
Green 1 > x
Independent 4 > x
Labour 229 > x
Liberal Democrat 9 > x
Official Monster Raving Loony 0 > x
Plaid Cymru 3 > x
Sinn Fein 4 > x
SDLP 3 > x
SNP 54 > x
Speaker 1 > x
UKIP 1 > x
UUP 2 > x
Others 0 > x

Total 649* > 650
The winner gets nothing but boasting rights and glory. Sorry; I'm both skint and disorganised, so arranging actual physical prizes is beyond my capabilities at the mo. And yes, I'm going to put my pixels where my mouth is. This is my (rather depressing) prediction:
Alliance 0 > 1
Conservative 330 > 449
DUP 8 > 7
Green 1 > 2
Independent 4 > 3
Labour 229 > 87
Liberal Democrat 9 > 44
Official Monster Raving Loony 0 > 0
Plaid Cymru 3 > 3
Sinn Fein 4 > 5
SDLP 3 > 3
SNP 54 > 44
Speaker 1 > 1
UKIP 1 > 0
UUP 2 > 1
Others 0 > 0

Total 649 > 650
I hope to God I'm wrong, but Labour are collapsing hard enough while their supporters still disdain Lib Dems enough that I worry that I'm not... And yeah, my predictions for the Northern Irish parties are based on nothing more than my ideas about natural churn, so I'm pretty relaxed that I might be way off about them.

* NB: total is currently 649 because of the death of Gerald Kaufman.
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