Date: Sunday, August 20th, 2017 07:56 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] darkoshi
I'm not sure I'd be considered autistic or not, but I am clothing sensitive. I agree with many of your points, but one thing that surprises me is your total dislike of polyester, even blends. I'm curious to hear if many other autistic people share your opinion on that?

Personally, many polyester fabrics feel uncomfortable, stiff and scratchy on my skin, but many don't - some feel silky, soft, light. I always have to feel and try out an item before knowing whether I'll like it or not.

I especially appreciate polyester for winter jacket linings - they let me slip my arms easily into and out of the sleeves without having to struggle and without my shirt getting shifted around into the wrong position. I also have a pair of men's polyester pants, which are nice and loose and silky, and very easy to pull on and off.

I do avoid pure polyester shirts, even when they are a comfortable fabric, because they don't breathe well and tend to take on body odor very quickly.

On the other hand, even some pure cotton fabrics feel stiff and scratchy on my skin. The same goes for linen, ramie, bamboo, etc. And my impression of viscose is "very scratchy" - but maybe that was just a few bad instances, not reflective of all viscose fabrics.

So in terms of comfort, I can't depend on the content label. And it always depends a lot on the cut and style of the clothing too.

I just went to check the polyester content on a few of my shirts to confirm, as I know that one of my most comfy shirts is a cotton/poly blend - softer and more supple than most cotton shirts. But unfortunately, I had cut out the scratchy label, so there's no proof.
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