Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

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Two of these don't count as drabbles, as I went over 100 words. Sorry. I hope Ponygirl and Finmagik can forgive me. :/ Some of these were a lot easier to write than others...

For Vert: Rocky Horror/Who crossover with Ten ) (for extra bonus here's my first Rocky/Who crossover drabble)

For Ozzy: Six/Peri, Victorian era, featuring a Vincent Price character )

For Ponygirl: New!Trek, Kirk/Spock/McCoy, Tarsus IV: <q>I never wanted to see this place again</q>. )

For Tez: Sam Tyler/Servalan )

For Finmagik: Six/Peri <q>I can be cruel but let me be gentle with you</q> )

For Grouchy: Davros in the three bears cottage, genre: mystery, including the phrase <q>penis bearer</q> )

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Most of these could do with an injection of new members; preferably ones who like to post! Some are moderated membership, and some are open.

[community profile] ashes_to_ashes - for fans of the follow-up to Life on Mars.
[community profile] being_human - for fans of the supernatural flatshare drama.
[community profile] bpal - for fans of Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab perfumes. Reviews/swaps/sales welcome.
[community profile] brian_blessed - for people who like big beardy shouty Yorkshiremen in their films :D
[community profile] brit_horror - for fans of literary, film, TV and Radio horror with British roots
[community profile] lib_dems - home of the UK's third second most popular political party on DW
[community profile] liberty_in_the_uk - for British small-l liberals and libertarians
[community profile] oldharrysgame - for fans of the series of radio plays by Andy Hamilton. Scumspawn worshippers particularly welcome :D
[community profile] pterry_fans - for fans of the esteemed Mr Pratchett and all his works. Will probably end up with a Discworld focus, but is not restricted to Discworld works.
[community profile] real_ale - beer, beer, glorious beer!
[community profile] reddwarf - for fans of the sci-fi comedy series. This is a job for the Riviera keeed!
[community profile] spotification - a comm for swapping and comparing Spotify playlists
[community profile] top_gear - for fans of the TV series about motoring and cocking about.
[community profile] uk_bikers - for motorcyclists in the UK
[community profile] uk_politics - for discussion of any and all political issues in the UK

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Will Howells has just made a comment on twitter that reminded me of one of the things that struck me at conference.

Cleggy is Captain Kirk.

No, seriously, stay with me on this one.

Kirk has a kind of gung-ho charm, and his heart's mostly in the right place, but he ain't all that as far as captaincy goes. What he has got, in Spock and McCoy and Sulu and Scotty and Uhura and Chekov and even Nurse Chapel, is a top notch team. He also has the management skills to deploy them where their talents are best suited, even if this means bending the rules a bit sometimes. I also suspect that Kirk's had at least 30 ladies.

The problem we have, as a party, is that we have a Sulu in Chris Huhne, and an Uhura in Jo Swinson, and a Janice Rand in Lynne Featherstone, and a Nurse Chapel in El Presidente... But the whole rest of the party is stuffed full of Spocks, and much as I adore the Spockster, we really could do with a McCoy or two to balance things up.

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