Thursday, October 29th, 2009

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With the usual caveat about this being a self-selecting sample (OK Cupid's user base), I found this interesting/scary/worryingly obvious:

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Fresh Squeezings From the veins of the Internet

  • We are having a beer festival at work. I may have mentioned this once or twice already LOL. [ profile] burlesque_bunny and I decorated the pub earlier, and there is much beer available, and I will be VERY busy over the next few days. If I don't answer your email or comment, therefore, please don't take it personally.

  • The big story of the day seems to be that something may or may not have happened in Watford. My favourite take on it is The Daily Quail's, but there are others from Sara Bedford, Stuart Sharpe and Heresy Corner.

  • Misogyny News: size zero girls are unattractive, but so are fat girls, so unless you are BANG ON NORMAL you are doomed to a life of miserable singledom, and people pointing and laughing at you in the street. Certainly you won't be able to have a busy and fulfilling sex life with a variety of attractive and talented partners like wot I do.

    Meanwhile, qualified sex therapist Tracey Cox thinks that if a married woman doesn't want to have sex with her husband:
    when you said ‘I do’ you said ‘I do’ to sex as well. Sex is part of the bargain if you expect your partner to remain married to you and faithful to you.... Your husband has a right to expect regular sex and ‘duty shags’, I’m afraid, are all part of the ‘working at the relationship’ that experts rattle on about
    It's like 1992 never happened, isn't it? What, you thought spousal rape had been illegal in the UK for longer than 17 years? Nup. And even that is only case law. Could easily be overturned by an Act of Parliament. Still, all the battles of feminism are won, aren't they? [/heavy sarcasm]

  • If you torture someone, you become more likely to believe in their guilt. Conversely, if you hear about someone being tortured, you are more likely to believe in their innocence. Either way, torture does not produce reliable evidence. So why do people still do it? Oooh, I know. It's because they are IDIOTS!

  • And now for something completely different: top ten reasons why dating a vampire sucks.
And today's meme is via Power2010 by way of Bracknell Blog:

what are the democratic and political reforms you most want from the next Parliament?

STV. That's all I want. Well, it's not ALL I want, but pretty much everything else I want will either follow naturally from it, or will be made easier to get by it. There have been several Lib Dems saying I'm not going to be predictable and say STV, I'm going to say *insert airy-fairy idea here* instead, but I think that would be wasting the opportunity. Electoral Reform is THE most important topic of the moment; and STV is a panacea for a huge number of the problems with our democracy. So yeah, give me STV or give me death. Or, you know, gin so I can cope with the lack of STV.

As usual, I'm not tagging anyone, but I would particularly like to see NON-politics bloggers have a go at this one.

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Dead Pool

Thursday, October 29th, 2009 11:19 pm
miss_s_b: Peter Falk as Columbo saying "just one more thing" (Mood: And another thing)
Have given up on #bbcqt because the sight of Jacqui Smith being crucified in an avuncular and lovable fashion by John Sargeant is oddly disquieting. Am, instead, playing about with the settings for [community profile] dead_pool.

Anyone fancy joining up? If you do, let me know how the initial entry feature works, will you? I've set a post up to be the initial entry new members see, but I'm not sure what will actually happen from a user point of view.

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