Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

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... thanks to lovely lovely [personal profile] trav28.

Am I the only person who had a huge crush on Gus?

* tumbleweed rolls past *

* bell tolls in the distance *


I see I am.

Carry on then.

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... Click here (hat-tip Cath Elliot). Yes, that is a link to the original article in the Daily Fail. Sorry about that. But I link to the evil website of doom because, unusually for the Fail, the comments actually give me hope.

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PSA: Christmas

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009 05:58 pm
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I don't do Christmas. I don't like Christmas. However, I am aware that some of you do. I am therefore willing to offer a compromise for those of you who deem it necessary to spend money for Yuletide, and I am aware that it's coming up to the time of year when people start planning what they are going to spend.

Please do not buy anything for me. Hopefully I have got that early enough, and nobody has actually spent anything yet. I'm aware that buying presents for people is fun - I like doing it myself - but I have NO MONEY AT ALL at the moment, and anything you buy me will just make me feel bad and guilty for not being able to buy anything for you. Also, my house is tiny and stuffed with stuff and I have no room for more stuff.

Please do buy something for [personal profile] amazing_holly instead. She does do Christmas, going to a Christian school as she does, and I'm not yet willing to be a Scrooge to her and crush her Christmas dreams. And she has a huge bedroom with room for more shelves ;)

Her amazon wishlist is here. You'll notice a preponderance of Sarah-Jane Adventures products on there. Holly absolutely WORSHIPS Sarah-Jane, and will be grateful for anything with her in it/on it.

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[personal profile] amazing_holly has comprehensively beaten me at Top Trumps several times this evening, which somewhat put a crimper on an otherwise quite good day. I did better than my dad on the climbing wall, and sorted out some stuff in the garden, and did various other productive things. However, I know what you're all waiting for....

Fresh Squeezings From the veins of the Internet

  • The House of Comments Podcast is up. *shamefaced* I am incredibly rude and talk over everybody and my voice is awful and I am louder than everybody else and... and... and WAH! *ahem* Hopefully people will find it interesting. Cthulhu, but I am gobby. People I name-check: Charlotte Gore, Rob Fenwick, Jo Swinson, Helen Duffett, my lovely fiancĂ© [personal profile] matgb, and myself, lots. Topics discussed include Labour's financial mismanagement, Twitter and social media, The Watford Playground Thing, and what MPs should be paid.

  • Hannah Nicklin has a brilliant post on the future of politics which I urge you all to go and read.

  • The ever-so-sexy Richard Reeves has been engaging in a bit of whataboutery and trying to make feminism all about the poor ickle mens. Is it just me, or would this whole thing go better if we all just realised that some people of all genders have difficulty with work-life balance, and those who actually have the choice to stay at home and look after the kids are bloody lucky, whatever their gender?

  • Interesting new blogs time: University of Toronto Feminist Law Students. Not as niche as it sounds. Follow them on DW at [syndicated profile] u_of_t_feminist_law_feed

  • SPACE PICTURES! NASA have some lovely new pictures from the Hubble space telescope. I have a shiny new desktop. MMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmm space pictures!
And today's meme is for all you DWers to remember that you can now tag things followfriday, as you would on twitter, and it will come up in DW's public feed, if you want it to. Promote interesting things on Fridays!

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