Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

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On Sunday I was very briefly a trending topic on twitter, as lots of people retweeted my anger over the fact that there is a page on Facebook where one can become a fan of Hitting Women. Lots and lots of people did as I politely requested, and reported it to Facebook as inappropriate content. Yet it's still there. It's been there for well over a week now. A standing testament to the fact that while it's unacceptable to pick on the religious, or ginger people, or those of a different skin colour, sustained abuse against 51% of the population is perfectly fine in the eyes of our society. I, for one, am sick of women being classed as a lower order of human being, and I do not think it's acceptable.

How long do you think it's going to be before someone comments to tell me I'm a humourless feminazi who can't take a joke? Shall we start a countdown?

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Here is a list of things I put in my "things to link to" folder over the past week:

Ads bearing Malware appear on Livejournal. It's at this point I would like to remind everyone that DW is totally ad free...

Sarah-Jane.tv are running the third annual Sonic Lipstick awards. Go and vote, all you SJA fans!

How to deal with conversations with geeks.

Assisted Death: Pterry is in the news over it. He did the Dimbleby Lecture last night, and it was very moving, and I urge you all to watch it. The best post I have seen on the matter is here.

Sexual Harrassment: the post is about ending it at conventions, but it could easily be applied to workplaces too.

Chromatic Fandoms: despite agreeing with many of the criticisms of the exercise (detailed superbly by Debi here) I still think it was a cool thing to do. And the best one I saw was this re-imagining of Blake's Seven by [personal profile] moviegrrl.

Wikio Labs: an interesting new set of tools on Wikio. I particularly like the backlinks factory.

The Fail on Sunday ruins another life unapologetically. Why do people continue to buy the stupid rag?

And, in order to inject a bit of levity to proceedings, here's [personal profile] moviegrrl again with her reaction to the release of Apple's much-vaunted new tablet PC...

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As February starts to bite, the tradition of it being a shitty month seems to be continuing. Following in a long and glorious tradition (well, following Mortimer, anyway), the current Queen of Lib Dem blogging, Charlotte Gore, has hung up her keyboard. We mourn her passing, and reminisce about her many fine rants.

But as we mourn, we must celebrate the fact that this means a succession to the throne, and the next highest ranked female Lib Dem blogger is the one and only Caron. May Cthulhu bless her and all who sail in her.

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We just attended a local version of Question Time, in the hall of a nearby school, Dimbledored by a local methodist minister. Lets have a game of "match SB's impression of all the candidates to the candidate's name", shall we? It's very simple. Match a number to a letter, and let's see who is closest... Your prize will be in the form of smugness :D

Candidate Name and party Matches with? SB's Impression
1, Booth, Stephanie (Labour) A, Vacuous, slimy, self-important, self-obsessed turd who will likely win
2, Buckley, Greg (UKIP) B, Sweet, enthusiastic, spent most of their time endorsing Lib Dem policies
3, Myers, Hilary (Lib Dem) C, Surprisingly nice, given that they are related by marriage to Tony Blair, but hasn't got a cat in hell's chance of winning due to both local and national scandals
4, Chris O'Conner (Ind) D, Batshit insane but quite likeable anarchist
5, Kate Sweeny (Green) E, Utterly lovely, the most sensible candidate by far, will likely come second
6, Craig Whittaker (Tory) F, Completely clueless, ill-informed, ill-prepared, and risibly bad at public speaking

The most amusing bit of the evening was several of the Labour camp assuming we were Labour and putting a charm offensive on - one of them even tried to recruit me LOL. And the scrum over who got to be nicest to the cute little girl (that would be my daughter) in the front row was rather amusing too. At the end, Holly pointed to Hilary and said I'd vote for her. Lets hope the electorate of the Calder Valley feels the same way, eh?

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