Monday, March 29th, 2010

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First, the success:

Mat's netbook is one of those ones with windows 7 starter, which means that (among many other things) you can't change your desktop wallpaper. Unless you download software. There are lots of software packages out there that offer advanced customisation options, but if you just want to change your desktop (and conserve resources) then Oceanis Change Desktop is the way to go.

My desktop is now this: ) which is v cute, I think you'll agree (thanks to the fabulous Dirty Whoers for the image)

Second, the failures

Remember how I had to reset my phone to factory settings? Well, this involved a lot of software updating afterwards, which took up most of saturday morning. I have re-installed lots of things, and resubscribed to all my podcasts, and installed the latest versions of some things. And that's where the problem comes in...

Opera Mobile 10

... is fabulous. The rendering of images is gorgeous, the tabbed browsing and stuff is excellent, the UI is intuitive and pretty... But there is one problem. It won't save my bookmarks/history/start screen. I'm probably missing something very obvious, but I can't find anything in the settings to stop it from doing this, and my google-fu is failing me. Help?

Nokia email client

Again, it's very pretty, and the UI is brilliant, and it beats the google email app for Symbian into a cocked hat... except that after 2 days of use it has suddenly stopped working. When I check the status page, it says it is in offline mode, and nothing I can do can get it to go into online mode. Again google-fu is failing, in that I have found a couple of forum posts from people having the same problem, but no solution. Any ideas?

Please to be noting that funny suggestions like get a different phone or use different software will be met with short shrift. I love my phone, and both of those bits of software are ones that 1, I like and 2, are better than any of the other apps I have found that do the same thing, aside from the bugs I detail above. Anyone recommending that I get a bloody iPhone will be met with extreme violence once I have hunted them down.

My March sponsor is Mark Reckons.
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Sometimes objectification makes me laugh.
Sometimes I even do it myself (see icon).
But sometimes it really upsets me.

I wish I knew what the differences were between instances of each. Is it that all objectification is wrong, and I am being bad when I laugh at it or do it myself? Or is it that some objectification is harmless, and some is malicious and hurtful, and that there's a difference between the two, and if so, what is that difference?

Is it that objectifying men is funny and ironic, poking fun at a priviledged group, but objectifying women is participating in the kyriarchy?

Is it that I am fine with objectifying people I don't identify with, but when someone appears to be objectifying a group I belong to then I get upset? I mean, I'm clearly OK with being personally objectified, at least to an extent, or [community profile] a_r_s_e wouldn't exist, and I wouldn't wear a low cut top for work if I'm particularly in need of tips, but...

Maybe it's much simpler than all that. Maybe I'm just a hypocrite.

My March sponsor is Mark Reckons, who wouldn't know hypocrisy if it stood up and bit him.

Or is it just that I'm a hypocrite?

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