Saturday, December 18th, 2010

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At 6pm on Monday there will be an Eggheads Doctor Who special. The team featured isn't a team of Who geeks, but a team of Who veterans:

Cuddly Colin, Frazer Hines, Louise Jameson, John Leeson, and Katy Manning.

Out of those, my suspicion is that Colin and Louise will do the best (and maybe John Leeson if there's a round on wine). I shall be watching with interest.

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Another one that we picked up for virtually nothing second-hand at Ninja Games.

Madworld is a totally over the top beat-em-up game, in which you basically play a Ron Perlman lookalike and you have to kill as many people in as amusing a manner as possible. This means much waggling, punching, and circling with the Wii remote as you punch, kick, trap, throw, knife and baseball bat people into oblivion. By the time I had finished the first two levels I was knackered; I suspect those who are in the peak of health might last somewhat longer, but there really is a lot of movement involved in this game.

The gameplay makes great use of the Wii controls, but the best thing about it, for me, is the art. It's like being in a Carlos Ezquerra or Brian Bolland 2000AD strip. It's GORGEOUS. Every two seconds you are re-enacting Gaze into the fist of Dredd and it makes me squee like a squee-y thing.

Predictably, the reason it didn't sell too well is that Nintendo have been too successful in marketing the Wii console to non-gamers, so now hardcore gamers are really snotty about it. Waaaaah, we don't want to play this on the Wii, we want it on the PS3, they whine, ignoring the fact that the mechanics of the game are perfect for Wii controllers, and it would just be pressing boring buttons on the PS3. The conservatism of these supposedly hardcore gamers is ridiculous.

Fie on them, say I! MOAR silly blood-soaked action games for the Wii, please, Nintendo! Preferably with four player capability.

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This morning Andy Reeves blogged about an unfortunate twitter mistake made by ITV News. There was a tweet publicising the blog post which was retweeted by a number of people. Suddenly he is now unable to access twitter.

I am sure that this is totally coincidental. But just in case it isn't, I'm going to reproduce Andy's blog post here, and amplify ITV's embarrassment. I suggest you do the same.
Oh dear, whoops a daisy, crap etc etc

Earlier this morning the ITV News twitter account sent out the following tweet:
Nigella Lawson is nowhere near as attractive as she thinks she is
I do feel for the person responsible for tweeting this, but it shows when you have a personal account and you operate a business account, check which you are logged into before you tweet.

One of my followers pointed out that Nigella is the same age as Gillian McKeith which means whoever tweeted this from ITV News is wrong anyway!

The offending tweet has been removed but as you can see above it was real.
For your reference, here is Tim Worstall comparing the two ladies. I know whose side I'm on without looking. Nice lady who likes her food, or the quackish poo-examiner? That's not difficult at all...

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On Monday I shall be ringing my phone company for a new phone as part of my contract. I want an HTC. I am vacillating between the HTC Desire and the HTC Desire HD. The HD is newer, and has a better display. The Desire is phenominally well-regarded. Both have dicky battery life, but the HD is reportedly worse. The Desire has some functions which have been toned down on the HD in order to fit the HD display in... I am genuinely unsure of which one to choose. What do you guys reckon?

Poll #5388 New Phone
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Which one should I get?

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HTC Desire
7 (50.0%)

HTC Desire HD
5 (35.7%)

I am a special snowflake and want to vote for another phone. You can safely ignore me.
2 (14.3%)

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