Sunday, December 26th, 2010

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I don't know what I can say about this. I am still an emotional wreck. I laughed. I cried. I clung to [personal profile] matgb. I have been used to expecting the new Who Christmas specials to be a bit less than special; this came as such a culture shock. It was amazing. Gambon and Smith knocked it out of the park, and as for The Grand Moff's script... Just beautiful.

Yes, yes, one could pick holes. SPOILER! ), for instance, although you can fanwank that away by saying SPOILER! ), as proved by the SPOILER! ). And as someone on twitter said: error: insufficient Pond. But the thing is, when a story is this well-told, well-acted, and glorious, one doesn't want to pick holes.

I'd give it about a million out of ten. As for the next time trailer... well, I need to digest that. Beardy Matt Smith, though? Rawr. And naked River Song... *dreamy expression*

Speaking of facial hair, am watching Poirot now. I think Sam West must have been taking part in Movember; the tache does not suit him at all. I still would, though.

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Twitter is below 200, Facebook is down to 127 and LJ is less than 50. I haven't finished with DW yet, though, mostly because a lot of the people I give access to are a hangover from LJ days, and thus a good half of my access list is people who are no longer on my LJ f-list, but whom I still want to be friends with and give access to... it's all so complicated. And I haven't started on my feed list either...

ANYWAY. I feel much more sane now and am going to reward myself with a bowl of cereal.

At some point I shall tidy up my feed list, and then maybe clean out my email inbox. Now THERE'S a challenge...

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Blackadder's Christmas Carol is a basic reversal of the original: nice Mr Ebeneezer B discovers he'd get much further in life if he was nasty. It's hilarious. And part of the reason it's funny is because it's true. If you're nice, people will take advantage of you and use you and you'll get much less back than you give out. If you're nasty, people won't like you, but you'll get ahead. This makes me very cross indeed, because people who are nasty SHOULDN'T get ahead, they should be put in their places.

I have seen in the newspapers today comment from two people associated with the Lib Dems who got to their lofty positions by ruthlessly using and abusing other people, and never giving credit to the giants whose shoulders they strut upon; they seem to get rewarded for this, whereas people who work co-operatively and help others out never seem to be the ones that the MSM have on speed dial when they want a rent-a-quote.

Needless to say that the people in the former group are almost exclusively male (and mostly white, cis-gendered, and able-bodied too) and the people in the latter are those that don't fall into privileged groups. On occasion you'll get a bit of handwringing about diversity and inclusiveness from one of these middle-class white boys who has trampled on everyone else to get to the top about why there aren't more women/BME people/disAbled people at the top... Sometimes I wonder if they are taking the piss. I mean nobody has that low self-awareness, surely?

And then I realise, you have to be that low on self-awareness to behave like that. Otherwise you'd hate yourself for it, and stop. I ,ean, there are times when I've done stuff that could be interpreted that way, and I tie myself in knots about it daily...

This post has been brought to you by the letters G (for grumpy), S (for Scrooge) and the number 0 (which approximates the amount of patience I have for arseholes today).

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So I've had the Desire for two and a half days now, and I thought I'd give my first thoughts.

Things I Love:
  • Friend Stream: Facebook and twitter and flickr all in one widget on my home screen

  • Multiple home screens, fully customisable.

  • The size and clarity of the display.

  • Live wallpapers, especially the one I have called Globe Rotation, which comes up on the menu as GlobeRot and you can select from a vast number of planets. My home screen is currently a rotating Borg Sphere on a star field...

  • The predictive text system for words it already knows is amazing.

  • Seamless and easy integration with gmail, google calendar, etc.

  • Google Sky. BeyondPod podcast app. Amazon Kindle app. And, indeed, the number and availability of apps in general.

  • Merging contacts, so that each person has one entry instead of four or five.

  • The back button.

  • The ease of navigating the settings etc. And menus in general are more intuitive and less confusing than on the nokia - things are where you expect them to be, and you don't have to hunt as much (I had two settings folders on the nokia).

  • Firefox on my phone!
Things I Miss From My Nokia:
  • Battery Life - and I never thought I'd say that, because the 5800 Xpress music hasn't got the best battery life in the world.

  • Decent Speakers - the HTC has one, very tinny, speaker. I had got used to listening to podcasts with Mat in bed, and music in the bath, and now neither of us can bear the sound quality. I have fantastic headphones, but sometimes you don't want headphones. Will have to get a little set of portable speakers, I think, or some sort of dock.

  • Difficulty in programming customisable ringtones, alarm sounds and notification tones. I particularly dislike that the notification tone for new text message, new email, and new tweet is the same damn tone. And I haven't yet found how to make the ringtone an MP3; I miss having daleks scream EXTERMINATE!!! when I get a text, and my Dad having Daddy Cool for his ringtone.

  • Various symbols on the alphanumeric keypad - I can't hashtag stuff on twitter, for example, and brackets and asterisks are also conspicuous by their absence. Ok, so they are there, but they aren't in any way obvious.

  • The precision of having a pokey stick for the touch screen. Because it's capacitive rather than resistive, I have to use my finger, and can't even use a nail, which is imprecise and irritating.

  • The camera isn't anywhere near as good for indoor photography (haven't tried it outdoors yet), despite having a better megapixel rating. And actually the camera on the 5800 isn't as good as the one on the 7373 I had before, which is now Holly's.

  • The predictive text for adding words is better on the nokia. It's irritating that you have to type a word in three times (once for it to not be recognised, once to program it in, and then AGAIN after you've programmed it in).

  • Knowing whether or not you've exited something, and ease of exiting apps in general. Sometimes pressing the back button exits, sometimes it just makes stuff run in the background.

  • My Doctor Who sticker :(
Obviously some of the niggles I have are just I haven't got used to my new phone yet, but some of them are really rather irritating, especially given the rave reviews the Desire is getting all over the place. I was really expecting EVERYTHING to be better. Still, I think it IS a step up, overall. The speaker really is going to be a problem, though. And I haven't checked the voice recorder yet, but I may have to keep the nokia just for recording podcasts and using as an MP3 player.

Oh yes, naming. I'm going to call her Fenchurch. No points for knowing why ;)

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