Saturday, January 1st, 2011

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Still finding some things frustrating. It's annoying that you really have to plug it in to the computer to do anything substantial managementwise, and having to "root" it to gain permission to get rid of pre-installed apps is bloody frustrating, irritating and pointless - and I still haven't worked up the courage to do it. Battery life is still awful, even after calibration, although extended ones are available... But they make the phone bigger :(

HOWEVER, it has quickly become indispensible; part of the reason why battery life is such a problem is because I am on it constantly. A lot of the things it does I could do anyway on the nokia (Google Calendar, Cricket Scores, news, and Twitter and Facebook were all handled by snaptu, for example, which I still think is a fabulous app) but this just does them better. Things are much more intuitively arranged. And the Swype keyboard app that Andrew recommended is utterly amazing and I love it.

Sound quality for voice recording is much better, and the mike picks up better too, so we're not going to get the problem that thirty centimetres from the mike you can't hear it, but twenty nine centimetres from the mike is distortingly loud - less buggering about in Audacity for the win!

And it still feels pleasing in my hand. And I have found a pleasingly Pratchetesque bingelybingelybeep notification tone on it.

Favourite apps at the moment are the afore-mentioned Swype, widget, UK Newspapers, Tweetdeck, Google Calendar agenda widget, Google Sky, and Angry Birds. Still trying to sort out a good podcatcher/podcasting app (beyondpod is ok, but functionally crippled once the free trial has run out; am trying RSS Demon at the moment, but if anyone has any recs for a (preferably free) podcatcher...), and would love to be able to get rid of the bastard stocks app, and I neeeeeeeeeeeeed a Dreamwidth app, but am just about surviving without for the moment.

What are your favourite android apps, folks?

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