Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

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When I transferred my SIM to my new phone I also transferred all my contacts via bluetooth as V-cards.

For some reason, after restarting my phone after a software update, it lost all the phone numbers I had transferred. I went to the Bluetooth received files folder, and the list of all the V-cards was still there, but when I clicked on any one of them it said they didn't exist.

Foolishly I no longer have the contacts in my old phone. I thought they would be safe after a successful transfer.

Having googled, it seems a hell of a lot of people have problems with the HTC Desire randomly deleting phone numbers from contacts for no apparent reason.

This, and having to charge it twice a day even after calibrating the battery, the lack of a decent podcast app, the horrendously bad mono speaker, the inability to set different tones for different notifications and the inability to delete pointless apps that came with the phone and stop them from running in the background and eating up precious resources (seriously, who wants shares constantly checked? Sure, some people do, but EVERYBODY who buys the phone? And you can't disable the inbuilt twitter app after installing a replacement. And what the fuck IS Footprints? I wouldn't mind them being there if they didn't all automatically start up and run and could be disabled...) is making me seriously regret getting this phone.

Why didn't I play safe and get the N8?

Anyway, the point of this post is that if you don't have your phone number stored on your facebook profile, and/or you're not on my facebook friends list, I no longer have your phone number. Sorry. Yes, this includes my mum.

ETA: because this seems to be causing some confusion, SIM storage was not used at any point. transferring the SIM and transferring the numbers via bluetooth were two seperate actions. Also, yes, it claimed to have backed up my contacts to google, but clearly it was lying.

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I let Holly stay up a bit late tonight. We watched Mars Attacks! because it was on and she really loved it, which I am glad about because it is one of my favourite films.

She is convinced that all the Martians are female, which puts an interesting spin on the gender politics of the film, and she kept referring to the purple-cloaked martian leader as the Martian Princess. She loved the scene with Jack Nicholson's speech to the Princess, and big brave Byron. And she wants to watch it again LOL.

Good job I have the DVD somewhere...

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