Thursday, August 25th, 2011

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Got an email today. I have been approved. It's a good job I hadn't waited till now to sort out accomodation - although the reason I hadn't is that a member of FCC had told me that they were only telling people if they failed and not if they passed and I (wrongly, it turns out) figured that I would have heard by now if I had failed.

Seriously, security theatre people? Three weeks to go and you're telling people if they have passed or failed NOW? Anyone with any sense will have booked train tickets and accommodation a lot further in advance than that.

(although to be fair, I am stopping with my brother anyway)

Remember, folks, Sunday morning 9 AM to get this farce ended.
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David McCallum is seventy eight. SEVENTY EIGHT! I bring this up because we're watching NCIS, and he's on it, and he looks sort of late forties early fifties. Nowhere near approaching eighty.

I mean, look at this picture.

David McCallum

His hair is a little darker than it used to be - presumably dyed back to natural mousy brown, as opposed to bleached blonde like it was in the sixties - but aside from that he looks pretty much the same as he did in Sapphire and Steel. His costar in that, the lovely Gurkha-rescuing Joanna Lovely, famous in Ab Fab for playing the never-aging Patsy, now looks older than him.

I mean, think of the context. This man is two years OLDER than Jon Pertwee was when he died. He's TWENTY THREE years older than Bill Hartnell was when he first played the Doctor. He's FIFTEEN years older than Prince Charles for Cthulhu's sake!

The man must have a picture in the attic. He MUST have. [personal profile] magister and I have a theory as to whose it is, too. If he looks late forties/early fifties he must have stopped aging in the early eighties.

And we know who suddenly started looking really raddled in the early eighties, don't we boys and girls?

John Hurt looking quizzical

Yes, I'd be pulling that face too, John. I really would.

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