Monday, March 5th, 2012

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You know how I keep saying that Lynne Featherstone is made of awesome? Lookit this (trigger warning: this video deals with consent, and how to spot a lack of it. It's not pretty)

... and tell me that's stuff that didn't need to be said? Yes, it's hard-hitting, yes, it's not fun to watch. But it's necessary.

This could be as big as the AIDS videos were in the eighties, I reckon. I hope. Thanks, Lynne.

This next video tells the story of how the video was made and why:

The website that is linked at the end of the advert has some interesting stuff on it too: has clear design and some interesting ideas, even if the attempts to talk teen are a bit cringeworthy. It's fairly heteronormative, but I'm not going to condemn the really good for not being perfect. More of this sort of thing, government, please, and less of the hammering of the poor and buggering up the NHS. That would be lovely.
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If you were casting actors of the reverse gender in the Batverse, who would you choose? Here's the list that [personal profile] magister and I came up with:
Bruce Wayne - Sigourney Weaver
Dick Grayson - Lucy Liu
Tim Drake - Natalie Portman
Alfred - Frances De La Tour
Commisioner Gordon - Maggie Smith
Batgirl (Steph) - Cillian Murphy
Oracle - Anthony Head
Black Canary - Brian Blessed
Lucius Fox - Halle Berry
Harvey Bullock - Dawn French

Joker - Juliet Landau
Catwoman - Tony Jaa
Harley Quinn - James Marsters
Ras Al Ghul - Michelle Yeoh
Scarecrow - Angelica Huston
Penguin - Miriam Margolyes
Harvey Dent/Two Face - Emma Thompson
Zsasz - Tamsin Greig
Riddler - Drew Barrymore
Jeremiah Arkham - Judi Dench
Condiment King - Julie Walters
Hugo Strange - Joanna Lovely
Clayface - Zoe Saldana
Mr Freeze - Katee Sackhoff (Mrs Freeze - Paterson Joseph)
Poison Ivy - Johnny Depp
Gentleman Ghost - Diana Rigg

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