Friday, March 23rd, 2012

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OK, so it's not as good as the originals, mainly because it's only taken me ten minutes, and I couldn't be bothered downloading new fonts, but here's a rough attempt at filling your Darwin-shaped hole:


It might not be quite as pretty as the originals, but on the plus side, it's cost a lot less than $1500
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This was posted as a comment on somebody else's blog, but I figured it deserved a broader airing, since it's me explaining (again) how the government's actions are not neutral on pubs even when they try to appear so:

Prices for everything will go up if there's a minimum price, not because of some nefarious plot by big business (or even the Tories), but because of simple economics. If a bottle of White Lightning costs #5, no self-respecting wine manufacturer is going to want their bottle of wine to cost less; all alcohol will rise in price because market position is more important than anything else, so the lowest priced product going up will have a knock on effect right up the chain.

Meanwhile, prices in our pub will go up because we get most of our spirits from Sainsburys - because they are cheaper than any of the industry suppliers who are used to supplying people who are tied to them - so when Sainsbury's put their prices up, ours will have to rise too. This is not pubs whining, this is a simple fact.

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