Thursday, May 10th, 2012

Avengers Assemble

Thursday, May 10th, 2012 12:06 am
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I loved it. Holly loved it. Holly can't decide if she liked Hulk or Thor best. I can't pick between Iron Man and Black Widow. And Samuel L Jackson Fury was stunningly BAMFish. All the characters were really well drawn, and there were loads of really lovely little touches that wouldn't have been in a by-the-numbers superhero movie, but they were in this and added to its awesome.

However, it wasn't totally unproblematic... I'm not going to go too spoilery, but there are a couple of feministy issues I would like to address.
  1. On the positive side, several people have said that Black Widow isn't given enough to do. Well, she SPOILER! ) then she SPOILER! ) then she SPOILER! ) then she SPOILER! ) then she SPOILER! ) then she SPOILER! ) then she SPOILER! ).

    Now, I'm sorry, but I think that qualifies as enough, especially compared to a couple of the guys, whose storyline is "hit someone" and then "hit some more people". She's the core of the plot. I wish there had been MORE female characters - it would have been particularly lovely to see Jane and Darcy again - but at it's disingenuous to say that the one female hero they had was underused*, and anyone who DOES say that is falling prey to the "women must do twice as much twice as well to be thought of half as good as a man" folly IMHO

  2. Loki SPOILER! ), while not out of character for him, was disappointing. He didn't SPOILER! ), and there would have been outcry if he did. So I still think we have a way to go.

All that said? I'd still give it nine out of ten. And I'm still a bit in love with Tony Stark. And yes, I cried at the SPOILER! ), but since even SPOILER! ), I think I'm allowed

*Pepper, while being v smart and running most of Stark, and knowing everyone better than Tony, is not Rescue in this film, and so I'm not counting her in the hero list.
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