Wednesday, December 26th, 2012

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I don.t remember all my dreams from last night, but the one that's stuck in my mind this morning involved Sir Ian McKellen, in full Gandalf makeup, doing the John Travolta dance routine to Stayin' Alive.

My brain is an odd place sometimes.
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I'm not going to do a full-fledged review here, but I want to flag up a couple of things.

Firstly: I really liked it*. I really really liked it. I especially liked SPOILERS! )
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Poll #12413 Lesbian Victorian Cross-species Adventuresses
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Madame Vastra and Jenny should have their own series

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21 (87.5%)

In fact why haven't they got one already?
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It'd beat the shit out of torchwood
22 (91.7%)

Come on BBC, pull your fingers out
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