Tuesday, January 29th, 2013

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Have been having a discussion on twitter with Charlotte Gore (whoisnotatory) and sundry others about the gendering of films. Charlotte points out that films which are generally considered "women's films" tend to suffer a 1 point penalty on imdb, whereas films that are considered "men's films" get a 1 point bonus over a theoretically gender-neutral norm. I pointed out that such descriptions are pretty meaningless anyway, at which point johnb78 chipped in with a description of Thelma and Louise as an awesome violent action movie with lots of semi-naked chicks in it.

And that got me thinking.

How would you market a stereotypically girly film to blokes? Or a stereotypically blokey film to girls?

Bonus points for the most pointless use of stereotype!

- The Sound of Music is an escape from the nazis thriller.
- The Dirty Dozen is a film about relationships.
- The Wicker Man is a picturesque musical about folk traditions.

Your turn!

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