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On Supergirl

Saturday, April 8th, 2017 03:00 pm
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I grew up very much a Batfamily girl when it came to superheroes. Superfamily, in particular, I was v disdainful of because of the sheer number of powers they have. It's just BORING to have that many superpowers. But as I've grown older, and the Bat stuff has got relentlessly more Grimdark and depressing, there's an attraction to the more optimistic superheroes.

So when Supergirl's TV series started, I thought I'd give it a go.

We're well into series two now, and it has absolutely captured my heart with its quiet yet determined feminist agenda. At the end of s1 I was a bit worried because my favourite character Here be spoilers ) was leaving, and the big names they had revealed for series two were all-bar-one male.

I needn't have worried. The big storylines so far in series two have been:
Here be spoilers )
All of those stories could have easily been written to focus/centre on men. Only one of them was. Even the last one, which is nominally about the choices a man might make, has relentlessly focussed on the feelings and motivations of Supergirl and Rhea. And it's... It's astounding. Genuinely astounding. This series relentlessly, quietly, centres women with complex motivations, backstories and ideals. I didn't know how much I needed that till I saw it here. I can't think of any other SF/fantasy/superhero series that does this.

Of course, another thing I love is that it's become the Supergirl Home For Old Superheroes. Her adoptive mum is the 1980s supergirl Helen Slater. Her adoptive dad is 90s Superman and prize arsehole Dean Cain Here be spoilers ). The POTUS is 70s Wonder Woman Lynda Carter. Mon-El's mum and dad are Teri Hatcher (90s Lois Lane) and Kevin Sorbo (Hercules and Captain of the Andromeda). And it's stuffed with little references to lady fandom favourites (example: one of the recurring DEO staffers is an arsekicking lady called Vasquez).

And yes, I'll admit, in these relentless grimdark times in real life? A superhero as optimistic and cheerful and just plain good as Supergirl is what I need to be watching. She's not perfect, she's got flaws, but her heart is unerringly in the right place. And she's got a whole host of awesome villains to face, most of whom just happen to be women too. TV needs this show.

And I'm not just typing this blog post at all because I've just caught up on all that I've got recorded and it's AGES till the next episode, and MAN that ending (poor Kevin Sorbo! But OMG Teri Hatcher!)... ;)
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... which comm I fully rec to all those of you who are LJ refugees looking for familiar names :) Original post here.

Name: Jennie
Age: 39
Location: Yorksher
Tumblr/Goodreads/IG/etc: I have a list of accounts in other places and how active I am on them here

Describe yourself in five sentences or less:
I'm an SJW cliche: Liberal in the British sense rather than the American or Australian, and reasonably high up in various bits of the Liberal Democrats - I'm on regional exec, I'm the acting chair of the LGBT+ faction, I'm on one of the 3 ruling committees of the party, and I'm one of the 3 regular hosts of Glee Club.
Autistic, depressed and anxious, and mother to an autistic and anxious daughter.
Bi, poly, and (mostly) happily ensconced in a poly household with an extensive polygon.
Geeky about all things scifi and fantasy.
Multicoloured hair, many tattoos, lots of piercings.

Top 5 Fandoms:
Doctor Who (except 10)
Red Dwarf
Music of most kinds but expecially things with heavy bass and/or lots of guitar.
Doggies, especially my doggies, but also (for example) Arthur Whippet on Twitter and WhippyJim and Moose on Instagram.
And I suspect I ought to put British Politics here, because it basically IS a fandom, isn't it? With all the BNFs and backstabbing that implies...

I mostly post about:
Most of what you'll see on my blog day to day are my daily linkspam posts, which are links to anything I have found interesting, and are done (mostly) automatically. Actually typed posts tend to be mostly politics, but really, it's whatever comes into my head to post about that's too long for twitter.

My last three posts were about:
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Supergirl TV show and how ace it is
A local by election that my party came second in
Barry Manilow and the media's response to his recent news.

How often do you post? How about commenting?
Linkspam is daily. Actual posts are much more sporadic - some weeks it's several times a day, some weeks it's not at all. This is almost always a reflection of how my mental health is. The iller I am, the more I tend to drop off everything except Twitter. If I'm ever not-on-Twitter you know things are REALLY bad.
I almost always reply to comments on my own posts, usually quite quickly, but email is the first thing to stop checking if I'm Having a Mental, so not always.
I comment on other people's posts generally when I read, and I always read back after I've made a post myself. So If I'm posting a lot, you'll see an uptick in comments from me. If I'm in a non-posting phase, you'll not see any.

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