Friday, May 5th, 2017

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The problem is best summed up in a tweet by lovely Neill Cameron:
People grab at authoritarianism in times of uncertainty, meaning the worse the tories fuck everything up the more they are rewarded.
We Lib Dems have gained a little, but not enough.
The Labour voters who deserted Labour for UKIP haven't gone home to Labour, they've voted Tory.
Labour activists telling everyone who disagrees with Corbyn to "fuck off and join the tories then" have been more successful than they could have known.
UKIP have been "wiped out" by having the Tories adopt their policy platform wholesale, which is not my definition of a wipeout, but...

But really, the stark problem is that the more the Tories cause chaos and uncertainty, the more the electorate cling to them, so the more they have a massive incentive to keep on causing choas and uncertainty. The urge to "always keep a hold of nurse for fear of finding something worse" appears to hold even when nurse is beating the living daylights out of you and screaming imprecations. Partly, I suspect, because lots of people think that even that nurse is better than being eaten by the Labour lion. The Tories have to look worse than Labour to lose, because enough MPs and activists are still clinging to the corpse of the Labour party that even at this low ebb they still look like a better bet than us.

It's at this point where you're expecting me to pull a solution out, isn't it? I don't have one.

God, I'm depressed.
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