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Valentine's Day.

I notice that a few of you have posted a valentine's meme where you try to get people to send you virtual valentines...

I won't be doing that. Nor will I be adding to any of your tallies.

Here, for your delectation is a rant I posted elsewhere, which may explain why:
I don't generally object to the idea of love, but I do object to it being sanitised and packaged and sold. Love isn't as predictable and safe as that. It's not red heart shapes and fluffy kittens and roses; it's the inability to spend a second of your day without thinking about someone. You can't package THAT and sell it for £4.99.

I also object to the idea that if you love someone you should only show them on one particular day of the year, and that the best way to show them is by buying a card with someone else's fake sentiments in, or a box of chocolates which have been made by the exploitation of hundreds of poverty-stricken cocoa-growers in the third world, or a rose which has been sprayed with pesticides and has been doubled in price especially for the day.

"Here, darling, to show how much I adore you I have contributed to the big fat profits of several Evil Multinational Corporations AND the suppression of the poor AND the destruction of the planet! Isn't that romantic? I also showed how monumentally stupid I am by buying something today for a good double the price it will be tomorrow..."

If a lover of mine decided they wanted to celebrate Valentine's Day, it'd have to be something they made themselves, I'm afraid. I don't do commercialism.
I'll get down off me soapbox now, eh?
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