[profile] bibliophile1887 asked for my top five curly-haired men

Thursday, March 8th, 2007 12:52 pm
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Comment here with "top ten" or "top five" and I'll ask you to supply one. If you don't specify, you'll get a five.

And it's actually REALLY difficult. Because OBVIOUSLY there are lots of curly-haired men that I fancy, but there are curly-haired men that I admire for other reasons also, and that skews the results slightly...

1, Jeremy Paxman. Mainly for the infamous Michael Howard interview. But also for those half-an-hour-before-newsnight trailers when he perches on the desk with his tie all undone and shirt-sleeves unfastened... Grawr. Makes me want to reach into the screen and push him back on the desk and ravish him.

2, Steve Harris. Because, well, STEVE HARRIS. His only physical fault is his dodgy Essex accent. And there's all the non-physical lovelinesses, and he writes songs inspired by crappy old horror films, and he's a bass player. And he has lovely knees. And I just want to lick him. Tis a shame his children appear to have been tangoed...

3, Sam West. Ahhh idealism is so lovely. And big huge brains. And the quote about sex... ;)

4, Brian May. For twenty-odd years of fantastic guitar and songwriting (we'll not think too much about the last fifteen or so of milking), and for sci-fi geekery and an almost-doctorate in astrophysics.

5, Colin Baker. For being by far the best Doctor, and for making me want to wear something yellow, which is a pretty bloody huge achievement, I can tell you. He'd be higher up the list if I didn't disagree with him so often and so vehemently in his column...

God, that was hard work. I had to go and look at random quest caps to calm myself down there... O:-)

ETA: Also, [livejournal.com profile] pmoodie asked me for my top five Bond Movie post mortem quotes:

1, It's not really post mortem, but... The bit in Live and Let Die - "Whose funeral is it?" "Yours!" *stab* *partay music*
2, "I think he got the point" (after shooting someone with a speargun)
3, "Take a giant step for mankind." (pushing Drax into an airlock)
4, "Shocking! Positively Shocking!" (Oddjob gets electrocuted)
5, "He always did have an inflated opinion of himself." (yes, I know, another one from Live and Let Die. Sorry. But it's my favourite!)
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