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Ask Me Anything

Have a burning question you wish to ask? Leave it as a comment here. I promise to answer as soon as I can; if it's a really interesting one I might even give you a fresh entry for it.
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Do you mind if I try to resurrect teh weekly food challenge?

Your Tweet about WorkFare

(Anonymous) 2012-11-10 02:52 pm (UTC)(link)
Hi Jennie,

Just curious really.

Are you only opposed to people working in for-profit organisations in return for work-related benefits, or would you also oppose people having to do community-related work in return for work-related benefits?


Andrew (@Andy56_uk)

Re: Your Tweet about WorkFare

(Anonymous) 2012-11-10 03:18 pm (UTC)(link)
Thanks for getting back to me.

I agree with you on all of that. Like you say, the SOMETHING is the tricky bit, and I suspect that is the area where people (you and I included) would start disagreeing.



Re: Your Tweet about WorkFare

(Anonymous) 2012-11-10 03:49 pm (UTC)(link)
Agree that relatively few people are spongers, and would argue that they shouldn't be supported with your money and my money at all. I suspect you wouldn't hold that view, but we will have to agree to disagree there.

Those in gunuine need due to illness or incapacity should be supported without reservation I think, but if someone needs support because they are temporarily out of a job, then I feel there are positive aspects to expecting them to give something back. Apart from anything else, it would help to stop them vegitating, and I've been there so know what it can be like.

Again, agree with your "slave labour" view where someone is being expected to do a job that would otherwise be paid for at at least the mimimum wage. That's why I was interested in your view regarding some sort of work for the community in return for social support.

Re: Your Tweet about WorkFare

(Anonymous) 2012-11-10 03:59 pm (UTC)(link)
Spongers with kids is a very difficult one. Again I agree that children shouldn't suffer for their parent, but commenting further could lead to a very tense discussion I think! :-)

The "fair wage" would be the financial support that they get until they find a "proper" job, surely? Otherwise the implication is that there is a paying job available that they could do, in which case they shouldn't really be expecting social support anyway - they should take the job!

Re: Your Tweet about WorkFare

(Anonymous) 2012-11-10 04:11 pm (UTC)(link)
Absolutely - if we are talking about work at a for-profit organisation.

I was thinking more along the lines of part-time work as a "friend" to visit old/infirm people for company and a bit of dusting, or the old chestnut of picking up litter in the park for a couple of hours.

The latter could be argued as a job that the coucil could/should create a role for, but ultimately it's the same thing: council workers get paid by the local council, local council gets paid by us, so either way the person doing a few hours work for the council is still being paid by us whether they get their money through JSA or direct from the council.

This is only a stop-gap while they look for a "proper" job that suits their skills and ambitions.

Re: Your Tweet about WorkFare

(Anonymous) 2012-11-10 04:25 pm (UTC)(link)
I think there is a distinct difference.

Community Service as a punishment (or atonement if you prefer) that is handed down by a court is unpaid.

I would have thought that doing paid community work to help you through until you find your next job would be far less stigmatized than just picking up your dole money and sitting at home all day. Surely that's where the misguided belief that all out of work people are "spongers" stems from.

I do understand your caution, and it's something that would need very careful design and implementation, but done properly I feel there would be benefits for everyone.

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If you could have your perfect episode of Doctor Who, what would it be like?